Wednesday 3 February 2016

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks: January Update

At the beginning of the year I posted about how I aimed to try to read mostly my own books this year because I have so many and so many are great and yeeeeeeah. So far, I've failed. During January I started twelve books (and finished six...) out of which three of the books I finished (and only five total of the ones I started) were books I actually owned. The rest were from the library. 


In January I finished Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder (for the Little House Read-Along), Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot which has been on my shelf for yeeeears and which was actually a really enjoyable detective style mystery kind of book about a former teen pop star who now works in a residence hall where female students start dying, and Dumplin' by Julie Murphy for a blog tour. 

So really if I'm going to be harsh with myself and try to stick with the aim of reading the books I've had for ages, I only managed one. One. Oh dear. 

Because it's fun to make piles and then fail to uphold, here's some stuff I might get to in February (bearing in mind that the London Bookshop Crawl is on Saturday and I will clearly buy all the things):

With full disclosure, I'm currently in the middle of The Age of Innocence so I'll almost definitely finish that. I love and adore it so far! I've also previously started, really enjoyed and then been distracted by something else, Sketcher by Roland Watson - Grant and We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson so I'd like to finish both of those as well, and then I'd really like to fit The Wicked and the Divine in there some time this week preferably, so I can know whether I want the second volume and buy it on the bookshop crawl!

What are you reading in February? Are you taking part in this challenge? Are you doing better than me? I bet you are! 


  1. I find posting a photo of the books I plan to read is a guaranteed way to not read those books! I only ever seem to stick for them if it's for Dewey's 24 hour readathon and I pick them the morning it starts!

  2. I didn't do so well this month either - but then again, reading books from the library kind of forces me to go out and GO TO THE LIBRARY, either walking across the village here or going into town, which is also a good thing, so... Whaaaaatever. I'm reading one of my oldest TBR books right now, and toppled three in January, so I'm not doing TOO badly. :)

  3. I'm rather scared to do this, but really should. As I consider, I'm pretty sure that I purchased and brought into my house almost as many books as I read of those I already own. Plus, the library! Yikes! I currently have 11 books checked out, 6 of which I've read but have yet to post reviews for, and another 3 to be picked up! Again...YIKES!! Don't think I'm doing better than you are at all...worse in fact! Anxious to see your haul from the London Bookshop Crawl!