Monday 1 February 2016

Little House Read-Along - Little House on the Prairie!

It's month two of the Little House Read-Along, and I'm just going around catching up on everybody's January posts! You can still link up your posts for Little House in the Big Woods here. During February we'll be reading Little House on the Prairie, which is actually the third book in the Little House series but the second featuring the Ingalls family. As it directly continues the story started in Little House in the Big Woods we decided to read it now and Farmer Boy (the second in publication order) next month! 

The events of Little House on the Prairie take place between 1869 and 1870 or so after Pa decides to sell the house in the Big Woods and move the family to Kansas. As you can imagine, it covers a new range of events from those in the first book, and I'm intrigued to read it! The thing I loved most about the first book was how informative it was without you realising it, and as Laura was a lot younger in reality than she is in the book, she actually did more historical research for this book than any of the others apparently, so I'm exciting to keep learning more about a period I don't know much about!

How are you finding the read-along so far? If you've not signed up yet, you're welcome to join us at any point throughout the year. Find the schedule and sign up here

Link up your reviews of Little House on the Prairie below!


  1. Weeeell, I *cough* FAILED to read the first book in January, so... go me. I've been ill for over a quarter of the month though, so I'll let myself off. *pats self on head sadly* Maybe I can catch up in February? THIS IS WHAT LEAP YEARS ARE FOR. EXTRA READING DAYS.

  2. Well I finally finished the book, and my review!!! Is anyone else still reading?

  3. Oh yes! Just posted my review last night.