Monday 12 October 2015

Moby Dick Read-a-long: Week Zero

The Moby Dick readalong has officially started and I have somehow already read 15.5 of this weeks allotted 21 chapters. I'm trying out someone's tactic from the War and Peace readalong (I can't remember whose, sorry. Maybe Charlotte's?) of getting the chapters read asap and then treating myself by reading whatever I want for the rest of the week. It's a good motivator so far!

Anyway, since I didn't get chance to do these questions last night let's pretend I haven't already started the book and talk about my expectations.

1. What are you expecting from the novel? Do you have any preconceptions?
I'm expecting it to be about a whale. Honestly, other than that, Matilda loves it so I feel like I have a good chance? I'm slightly nervous because it seems like it will be long and we all know about my aversion to reading things I 'have' to read, but after the total let down that was me not finishing War and Peace despite really enjoying it I am determined to finish this!

2. What do you already know about the plot or characters?
It's got whales in. And a guy called Ishmael.

who knew you could slightly fancy a guy named Herman?

3. This book, unlike War & Peace isn't a translation. Do you think that will make a difference?
Like Hanna said, yes because it won't have had the language or whatever updated by the translators and is just as Melville wrote it. I'm not sure if that's better or worse though, we'll have to see about his writing style. (Oh, I'm so sneaky at pretending not to have read any yet!)

4. Have you read Moby Dick before? If not what prompted you to read it now?
About two days before Hanna announced the readalong Laura had offered me her Penguin English Library edition of the book, to which I had said yes please because it had been on my radar once up on a time (and even on my Classics Club list for a while) so when I heard about the readalong it just seemed like time. When better to read something that you kind of meant to get to one day than when there are other people around to bully you into finishing it right?

5. Show us a photo of your book

Ahhh such a beautiful cover!

If you want to join the Moby Dick fun (ha!) you can do so here.


  1. I read this once in my 30's. I hope you enjoy it and good for you for persevering! I do love that cover!

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it? I'm actually really enjoying it so far, it's nice to read some American fiction for once - so many of the classics I've read have been British it's good to get a slightly different perspective!

  3. I started reading this last year, but didn't finish - not because I wasn't enjoying it, I just got distracted and the library book was due back. I'd love to be part of the readalong but with NaNoWriMo coming up I just know I wouldn't keep up, plus I have about a dozen birthday books and the ones from my recent book shopping spree as well. I WILL get back to it one day, though.

  4. It was my tactic, but possibly also Charlotte's :)

    I meant to do that this week, but the book I was reading at the time took longer to finish than I expected. Definitely starting tonight though!

    I do very much love that cover.

  5. You have such a gorgeous edition of the book! I honestly haven't started reading, but that's definitely what I'm planning on doing this weekend - it's getting too cold outside to do anything else!