Wednesday 11 June 2014


This started off as a review of Travels with Charley, which I will get around to doing because it is amazing. I don't think I've turned the edges of more pages down (the way I mark memorable quotes and stuff that makes me to 'YES.THIS') ever before. So yeah, that will be a thing, but today I'm sad and so I thought I'd write a little bit here because that usually helps me feel better. If you're not fussed about my life (which is totally fine, I understand if you're just here for the books :-p) stop reading now. 

Nothing major has happened, but just to update those who don't know and want to, about eight weeks ago I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which initially they thought they could manage by diet alone but it turned out they couldn't so I'm currently taking medication for it. No biggie really, as all being well it should disappear once the baby's born, but as a result I'm having to be induced next week. Also fine, but I just now had a meeting to discuss my 'birth plan' with my midwife and it turns out there's some stuff which didn't seem that important to me about the experience I had when I had Benji which is super important and I should have mentioned it like weeks ago and seen consultants and loads of other crap. She had a worried face on when she was talking about it, and in my experience, midwives never ever look worried so now I'm hugely freaking out that it's going to cause massive complications when I have this baby and just generally that I'm going to die or be left in some totally debilitating condition. So cheerful, I know. Anyway, I may not blog for a while. Hopefully it will just mean I'm traumatised, not dead, and childbirth is never not at least a bit traumatic anyway. 

If you pray, prayers are appreciated, and if you don't, I appreciate you bothering to read this. 


  1. I don't have much that's helpful to say as I can't relate to the experience of childbirth. I have been through a lot of hospital drama though and sometimes health professionals get a bit thrown when it's something they're not used to - it doesn't necessarily mean it's horrendously difficult, although I know that will probably not be much comfort!

    You're not going to die or be left in a dehabilitating condition - soon you'll have your youngest son in your arms and be glad that your family has expanded.

    I'm thinking of you anyway and I can't wait to see your new baby!

  2. How scary! You take care of yourself and your little person. Have faith in your medical team - they will take good care of both of you. Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Hope everything goes OK for you, I think the scary part is not knowing how it's going to go. I'm petrified to be honest! One of my friends had a great experience when she was induced - it was an easier labour for her than her previous birth, which had started naturally. I hope that you find the same.

    And gosh, the hormones at the end of pregnancy are unpleasant! I'm currently 40+3 and I'm so fed up/emotional. I had a midwife appt today and her confident "see you next Friday" was hardly reassuring - I don't want to do this for another week! I went home and had a good cry because his head isn't fully engaged yet, I'm so over-emotional and I hate waiting around for things to start.

    Anyway, in a few weeks we will both be done with being pregnant, and all this will be in the past. Which can only be a good thing :)

    1. So so true, Sam! The hormones are horrendous and going overdue sucks so much, Benji was born at 41 weeks and the last 7 days were just the worst! Glad to hear your friend's positive experience of induction, I know it can sometimes make it more stressful for the baby and such. I'm distracting myself from it by organising the house like a fiend! Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine for you :-) As doctors keep telling me, me freaking out will just freak the baby out so the best thing to do is keep as calm as possible, and remember to breathe deeply. I hope everything goes really well for you and happens SOON!

  4. Awwww, Bex. Y'know, I have never met a midwife who wasn't 100% awesome and absolutely dedicated to making a birthing experience as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Occasionally a spanner gets thrown into the mix - like a few details surfacing that maybe need sifting through and dealing with in a shorter space of time than would be ideal - but ultimately they are the BEST at calming things down, getting things straightened out and generally making everything peaceful again for you and baby. Even midwives sometimes have their frowny faces on, while they work out how to do all that the best way they can. Better that than a blasé attitude, right?

    When you have your son in your arms for the first time everything will make sense again. I'm not the praying type, but I do have you FIRMLY in mind every day at the moment, so hopefully the happy and serene wishing-for-wonderful-things vibes are working their way over there somehow. :)

  5. Sorry you are going through this. I will be sending good thoughts your way!