Wednesday 4 June 2014

Homeless Books in Need of Adoption!

I've been thinking about doing a big cull of my unread books for a while now but I've lacked the necessary motivation. One thing to be said for being heavily pregnant is it does tend to make you want to clean, sort, and organise, which resulted in a manic cull late last night and early this morning. Consequently I have one largeish box and two big bags of books waiting to be dropped at the charity bookshop tomorrow, but before I do that I thought I'd offer them here and on Twitter if anybody wants any?

The deal with this is that you'll need to let me know in the comments here which titles you'd like (maximum of 2 books per parcel) and then send me £2.80 via paypal ( using 'friends and family' option to cover postage. This is only within the UK - if any international people are interested I'm happy to send them but will need to work out postage costs as it will be more so please contact me here or at the above email.

Most of the titles are fairly old and almost all of the books are second hand, but in good readable condition. There's a fair bit of fantasy in there as well as various other genres, and if none of you want any my local charity bookshop will be very happy come tomorrow!

Here's what I've got (alphabetical order by author - titles link to Goodreads synopsis, as I've not read them I can't recommend!):

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  1. OOH OOH I thought I was escaping but nooooo. If they'll fit, I would most definitely add Last Exit to Brooklyn and The Well of Loneliness to my TBR... I've sent the dosh, if you need more to cover it just let me know. :D