Fairytale Fridays & Other Features

On this page you will find the complete collection of my posts for Fairytale Fridays (ongoing) and its original form. Also here are links to all of the other series and features I've done. 

Fairytale Feature

Originally, this project was an attempt to read through my Complete Grimms Fairytales, but as you can see it swiftly fell by the wayside and is now being revamped as a two weekly meme, the second and fourth friday of every month! Find out all the details here, it will kick off at the end of April!

Here are my previous posts, and I will link up the new ones as we go.  

March 2011 - Rapunzel
April 2011 - The Little Mermaid 
July 2011 - Cinderella

Fairytale Fridays launched in April 2015 here is a list of the topics so far:

Fairytale Fridays: Potential Topics
How Does a Fairytale Become a Fairytale?
Into the Woods
Andrew Lang and the Fairy Books
Little Red Riding Hood
The Water-Lily. The Gold Spinners
Favourite Fairytales

A Way Into YA

This week long series ran in August 2015 and was designed as a series of guest posts to inspire people on where to start with reading Young Adult fiction. 

Day 6: Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Make Mine an Indie: Flux
My Recommendations

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