Friday 8 June 2012

Why Book Blogging is Amazing...

I'm edging my way back to a place where I'm hoping to be able to put some real content on the blog, rather than just lists, link - ups, and apologies. Ironically since I posted my update a few days ago about why I'm not able to really blog at the moment, I immediately felt better about the whole situation, and the response that I had to that post was just amazing. We have had so much support from family throughout the situation we are currently experiencing, but to have so much support from people who don't know any of the details and that I've never met in real life was really lovely. A couple of people in particular (I hope they know who they are!) have been really brilliant in terms of letting me rant about random unrelated things and even in once case sending me books to cheer me up :-) And I just wanted to say thank you to them, and to everybody who reads this blog, whether or not they comment. I love being part of the book blogging community. I love meeting awesome people and discovering their awesome blogs, and I love having my little corner of the internet where I can wallow in books for hours at a time. 

Sometimes I get all my books off of their shelves, intending to re-organize them, and then get sidetracked by discoveries of things I'd forgotten I had and end up sat in the middle of the floor in our spare room, literally surrounded by books and unable to get out. It is bliss, and blogging and the blogging community is the virtual equivalent of that. Bloggers are some of the most generous people I've ever "met", and sometimes I have so much to say to them and so much in common with them that it's difficult to believe we've never physically met. So yes, I'll stop before I get really sentimental (not difficult these days - what with baby hormones and current life stress, I'll cry at almost anything!). Thank you all for being amazing :-) 


  1. You are an incredible part of this community, Bex, do not forget that. Obviously, you are allowed to return and leave as many times as you want, we will always welcome you :)

  2. That's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about! :-) Thank you!!

  3. That is such a wonderful analogy of what the blogging community is (or can be) like. Bliss it is indeed, especially when you take the time to cultivate those relationships. It is amazing what can be accomplished in a supposedly impersonal medium. It isn't hard to find negative things about various blogging communities and it is always heartening to read wonderfully positive things like this. Thank you so much for sharing, and best wishes for things improving very quickly.

  4. I DO THAT WITH MY BOOKS TOO! Every time I 'reorganize' it takes me three times as long as expected because I start BROWSING THE PILES! :D

    I'm so glad you're a happier bunny now (that's always a step in the right direction!), and that blogging helped you feel a tiny bit better about things! Sometimes it's just nice to have someone outside of everything rubbish to say "We love ya girl, you'll be fine, we're here when you're ready..." xx

  5. Browsing is a dangerous thing! Reorganizing has been known to take me up to a week in the past...

    And it is nice - very nice :-) Thanks everybody for being wonderful!xx