Wednesday 13 July 2011

Readathon Update #2

Today, my plan was to get loads of reading done, as I had the day off. Unfortunately I forgot that not only did my fiancĂ© also have the day off, but that we had a car on loan for the next few days.... Suffice to say, we ended up going on a road trip, and I didn’t get much reading done! That said, I have managed to get to page 197 of How I Became a Famous Novelist, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s a totally satirical and very funny deconstruction of the process of writing, selling, and marketing novels. I do wish I’d got to read more for the Readathon, but it’s mostly been my own fault that I haven’t, and hopefully I’ll do better next time. Crappy internet hasn’t helped, but I have got very excited about reading again.  I’ve had so much fun participating, and I’ll keep reading right up to the deadline. Next time, I will go away from home for at least part of the time, as it’s just not  fair to ask people not to disturb me when I’m sat at home.
Mini – Challenge Entries!
I’ve been really excited to enter some of the mini challenges going on, and have been getting all antsy to post my entries!  So, for Monday’s mini challenge hosted by IB Book Blogging, here are my answers!
Question 1- What is your favourite type of myth? (Greek, Roman, Egyptian etc)
This is a difficult question, as mythology and folklore is my specialist area, and I really really love most of it! However, I think if I have to pick a favourite, it’ll have to be Greek, purely because I’ve got more engrossed in the Classic literature surrounding it, and love how sneaky the Gods often are!
Question 2 – What is Your Favourite book with some type of mythology in it?
Again, difficult, but got to be American Gods by Neil Gaiman! I love it, although having finished Percy Jackson, I’m fairly sure that if the rest of the books are as good, the series will be making it onto my favourites list as well!
For  Tuesday’s mini challenge, hosted by YABliss, here are my top 3 Love Triangles (it doesn’t say they have to be YA based, so mine aren’t all, hope that’s ok!)
1)      Katniss/Peeta/Gale from The Hunger Games.
2)      Jo/Laurie/Mr Bhaer in Little Women
3)      Bella/Edward/Jacob in Twilight (sorry! I can’t help loving it!)

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  1. People keep telling me to read American Gods but everytime I pick it up it looks so unappealing that I put it straight back down again! It's weird because I love mythology too.

    Yay, I'm glad you liked Percy Jackson! They're a bit childish but I love them too. I need to reread those this year actually...