London Bookshop Crawl

Copyright Esther Fairbairn, 2017
The London Bookshop Crawl is an annual event organised by me and a team of wonderful helpful people. Taking place in February, possibly the most depressing month in retail when everyone is broke and the weather is awful, the bookshop crawl aims to connect book lovers and help out bookshops! We have bookshops (many of them independent) throughout Greater London taking part and offering wonderful things to bookshop crawlers, and we also run small guided groups throughout the day where you can meet new book loving friends, discover some of the wonderful, amazing bookshops London has to offer, and shop with people who won't judge you for buying in piles...

The 2017 event takes place on Saturday February 18th. If you would like to be involved you can find all the information here. For future events, including our summer bookshop crawl which travels different cities (2016 was Bath, 2017 is TBD, suggestions welcome!) we will be looking for sponsors and helpers so if you're interested in being involved with a day of literary joy then please email us at with the subject Bookshop Crawl.

Past Bookshop Crawls

Bookshop Profiles (Some of the shops involved in London crawls)

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