Saturday 11 February 2017

On Quitting

I've seriously lost my enthusiasm for blogging lately, and I don't blame the blog. I overcommit myself and I'm really sick of feeling like I can't read what I want to read. Even when constraints are things I'm really excited about and even things I've originated (i.e Re-Readathon, Discworldathon) I've still been feeling really unmotivated. This week has been Re-Readathon and my usual count is 2-4 books finished. This week I've not finished one, and this is partly because of Bookshop Crawl planning but primarily because I'm just having a huge aversion to anything I 'have' to read at the moment.

This post is an announcement, of sorts, and before I start I want to apologise to anyone I may be letting down, but I've decided for the sake of still loving books that I need to pull out of all reading commitments for the rest of the year. No more Re-Readathons, and I'll still co-ordinate Discworldathon of course and will still hope to read some Pratchett this year, but overall I'd like to leave the actual posting and running of events to the hosts for each month as I'm finding having to post about stuff to be really off putting too.

I'm feeling like my focus needs to really be on Ninja Book Box, bookshop crawls and book swap, since these are things that I'm enthusiastic about, and I'd love to bring the excitement back to my reading life. I think making these changes will do that.

I'll probably be putting the blog on a little bit of a hiatus. I plan to primarily post short book reviews on Instagram and leave the blog for the occasional parenting/lifestyle/general thoughts type posts and book lists. I'll be on twitter for all the events I organise. I don't want to stop blogging but the fire has really gone out of it at the moment and I think I need to read exactly what I want, when I want, without ANY pressure at all for a long, long time.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You need to do what feels right for you, if it's not fun then take a break, change it around and come back to it refreshed or not at all

  2. Absolutely do what you need to do! I totally get what you mean. Feeling pressured to read things is bad for blogging and reading both. Take some time off, have fun, and read what you really want :)

  3. Last week I posted a "hey, I really suck at blogging!" post, hahaha. No worries - you do you. Do what makes you feel happy, and don't feel obligated to stick to a schedule. I find that posting mini-reviews on goodreads, or snapping a photo and sharing it on Instagram, or raving about a great book on Facebook have also been ways I've been unintentionally 'blogging'. Hey, it all counts in my book! I love you and want you to continue being my book friend and loving books. But if that means taking a break so that your love of books becomes a burden, you take that break! I support you 100% no matter what you do :)