Monday 18 July 2016

Middlemarch Chapter 29-42 and Link Up!

Guys, we're half way through Middlemarch! I feel like this should be mentioned primarily because of its size rather than any difficulty with reading it because I don't know about you all but I'm still flying through it!

In much the same way as last week was all about the men, this week was mostly about how much I hate Mr Casaubon. He's just so hugely dislikeable, I actually can't find anything good to say about him, and I hate how he crushed Dorothea. I'm also annoyed with her though for putting up with it and suppressing her opinions so she doesn't disagree with him. I totally get that it's what women were taught to do at the time, and I do think that Eliot is absolutely brilliant at making you sad for all the things her female characters could have achieved if they'd lived in different times. Mary Garth is another one whose personality is too big for the space in society she fills, and although I'm not sure that I actually like her I do have a lot of respect for her, and I really want her and Fred to get together!

I think a lot happened this week but I'm not really sure about most of it. The focus was very much on Dorothea and Casaubon, and Rosamund and Lydgate got married with less than a sentence about it! I really enjoy the way that all the stories intertwine though, it's done very seemlessly and never feels disjointed. And can I just say how much I like Sir James? He doesn't get enough attention, I feel and I hope that changes!

How's everyone getting on? As much hatred for Casaubon as I have? Don't forget to tweet using #EliotAlong!

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  1. Casaubon is a miserable human being. I spent much of my posting expounding on my dislike of his character!

    1. I can't wait to read your post! While we got some idea of his inner workings in this section (so he's embarrassed he may not be as smart as he'd hoped), I still hate the way he takes it out on Dorothea. He should not have married. Period, the big baby :)

  2. I have posted some notes here:

    Along with the above comment about Casaubon, more thoughts on: I am concerned Rosamond has made a marital mistake, my feelings about Lydgate are a little more negative than last section, I am liking Ladislaw's firm hand against Casaubon and this section made me like Caleb Garth a lot.

    I just want to say this book could not have come at a better time. I am politically stressed at the moment with all the nonsense going on in the States, and it is SO nice to get out of Dodge in the evenings, even if it is only in my head, and fall into the troubles of the Middlemarchers!

  3. Oh yes, Causaubon is all sorts of gross. It's not enough to basically crush Dorothea's spirit, you have to go prevent her from making friends too? *grumbles*
    Actually, I never gave much thought to Sir James before but he does seem like a sweetie. Oh Dorothea, why couldn't you have married him while you had the chance?!

  4. yes, hurrah for the troubles on another time! The British Library has a webpage about the medical and political reforms of Middlemarch, maybe worth a look. Lauren @ltulip