Tuesday 17 March 2015

Top Ten (Terry Pratchett) Books on My Spring TBR List

I'm appropriating this week's Top Ten Tuesday theme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish to fit in with the theme of my blog this week which is basically Terry Pratchett. It was going to be my ten favourite but then I thought how hard it would be to actually work out which are my ten favourite, so actually fitting the list around the theme seems to work better. As I've been chatting to people about what they're reading this week, I keep adding things to my pile of Pratchett's 'to read/reread soon'. As I already have plans of a few I hope to get around to this week I've left those off of this list, so here are the rest, in no particular order.

* Mort - Not the first Pratchett I read but the first one I really loved. This was the book I pushed at everyone I talked to for months and during the reading of which I had to read bits aloud to whoever I happened to be with. It's also responsible for my only 'nearly meeting Terry Pratchett' experience. Basically, we went to see Mort: The Musical (an excellent experience) for Rhys' birthday... three years ago I think it was and due to my inability (ironically) to read we didn't realise that the reason for the evening performance tickets being so much more expensive than the matinee was because Terry Pratchett was going to be there doing a q&a afterwards. When we walked past the theatre on our way back from having dinner after the show and saw a black-hatted gentleman in the foyer we were kicking ourselves. I've reread it more recently than some of his other books but I do love it so it's due another I think. Also we've got the graphic novel version which I've not read yet. 

* Witches Abroad - I don't remember anything about this really except that I loved it the first time I read it, and I know that the Witches are generally awesome. I will be fitting it into my reading in the near future.

* Johnny and the Dead, Johnny and the Bomb, Only You Can Save Mankind - I haven't read this series and from reading the blurb and discussion with Rhys (who has somehow read all the Pratchett I haven't read and vice versa), I know that I should have. 

*Night Watch - One of my favourites (as are all the Watch books actually), I've only read it once and that seems like somewhat of a travesty, especially since I just picked it up on audiobook and really have no excuse at all anymore...

* Carpe Jugulum - Because I bought it today and have no memory whatsoever of it and haven't read it since I first read it, years ago. 

* The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight - Probably the mini series I recommend most to people. I actually gave two people copies of The Wee Free Men this week because they'd never read any Pratchett and I strongly feel that people should read these books. I haven't read any of them in a few  years and am looking forward to reading them back to back for the first time. 

So that was eleven. I could go on, as I've not read Raising Steam yet, or A Blink of the Screen, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, Strata or The Dark Side of the Sun, and want to reread pretty much the whole Discworld series (but still need to finish my big read of the Swallows and Amazons series before I commit to more series reading!) but I shall stop there. It gives me a starting point anyway, and I was so excited to have been given Where's My Cow? by my lovely husband for Mothers Day and actually be able to read a (mostly) appropriate Pratchett to my boys :-)  

If you're celebrating Terry Pratchett reading week in memory of the great author, you can link up any related posts here, or use #pratchettreadathon on twitter (@fairybookgirl/@NinjaBookSwap), instagram (@armchairbythesea) and Facebook (The Ninja Book Swap) to chat with everyone about all things Pratchett related. 

What Terry Pratchett book are you most looking forward to? 


  1. Assuming that I forget ahead with my read all of the discworld books plan, I am looking forward to getting to Mort! Death was always my favourite (that would sound very morbid out of context), and the death books were the only ones that I personally owned, and as I used to read all the books I owned and liked again and again and again I know it very well, so know that I'll enjoy going back to it! But I'm just looking forward to reading everything by him, as I have never been disappointed by any of his books :)

  2. I NEED to read A Hat Full of Sky and I Shall Wear Midnight! Also I love love love Witches Abroad. Probably my second favourite... Or joint favourite :P I don't actually own enough of his books, as I always seem to borrow them from you/you're family :P I haven't had the chance so far this week but tomorrow I'm going to go and raid ALL of Kingstons charity shops ;)

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Terry Pratchett!