Saturday 11 October 2014

Why I've Been AWOL

I've returned! Well, kind of. I've returned to tell you all about how I probably won't be really returning for a while... So yes. Basically I'm writing this post because solicitors letters make my face look like this:

In the interests of not looking like that and actually enjoying my evening I have taken a break from reading about I'm not really sure what and come to update my hundreds of internet readers (basically Laura, Ellie, Charlotte, Hanna, Yvonne, my husband and his father) on why I've not been around all that much. Basically, we're attempting to buy a house! Hence the super fun solicitor paperwork of this evening which, coupled with the even more fun mortgage paperwork of yesterday evening, has sent me running for the blog! 

We're trying not to get too excited about it as the mortgage application is still in progress and the solicitors haven't even started yet, but to be honest even if it all ends up nowhere it's still just so nice to be on the right track to somewhere of our own. Renting over the past four years in Kent has gradually worn us down a bit, first with landlord issues, then with neighbour issues and it's just time that the boys had a garden and space of their own without having to worry so much about making noise. So yes, I will undoubtedly keep you posted on the developments of this endeavour!

Aside from that we've also been taking part in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge at Living Well Spending Less which is brilliant (and also helpful for if and when we do move house). Each day there's a different area to focus on - for example I am currently procrastinating from finishing the kitchen cupboards while writing this post - and you go through and chuck out all the stuff you're keeping 'because it might be useful for something one day'. I've been selling lots of stuff on eBay. It's really fun and also ridiculously therapeutic and happy making to walk around a house that's not full of crap! 

The final reason I've not been posting much is that I'm doing a load of craft swap with other crafters for Christmas presents and am running stupidly behind, so I'm spending a lot of my normal reading time knitting gloves like a maniac! I am still reading though. I finished How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran and remain convinced that it's pretty much just How to be a Woman posing as fiction, but it was obviously hilarious so I'm letting it pass. There will be a full review at some point soon. I'm also in the midst of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler which I'm really loving, and about to start my buddy read of The Great Gatsby with Ellie! There is reading, just not much time to write about it which to be honest seems to be the general state of things with the blogosphere at the moment! Rest assured that I am still reading lots of blogs when I find a spare second, even if I'm not commenting (because stupid phone) I am still appreciating :-) 


  1. So what you're essentially doing is being the most frickin' proactive and busy person ever... and apologising for it. *smacks Bex upside the head with The Great Gatsby* NOT LITERALLY DUDE. *puts Gatsby down and sends him on his way*

    Reading, decluttering, knitting gloves and spending time bouncing along the road to your own house sounds like a fantastic use of your autumn months, enjoy it! (Apart from the legal documentation, which has a tendency to cause elaborate daydreaming involving fire, water and an industrial shredder.)

    1. C'mon Ellie, Gatsby isn't nearly big enough to smack Bex upside her head with. War and Peace, maybe? :p

  2. Another person reading "We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves!" Ellie bought me that for my birthday, and it's brilliant. (Yellow covers seem to be a winner for me this year.) Glad you're enjoying it.

    Sounds like you're being busybusybusy doing great things. Decluttering is an excellent goal to have (alas, one I would fail miserably at as I am very fond of my clutter. I ought to do something about that.) And best of luck buying a house, Bex! I hope it goes smoothly and does not take very long.

  3. I sawwww that you have kind of sort of bought a house on Facebook, and it's so so so exciting and I feel kind of proud at how grown up you are? Something like that? :D anyway!

  4. Whoa, grown up things!
    I am super impressed by all that you've accomplished - way to be awesome, and blog at your own pace. (we stalk each other on facebook anyway)