Tuesday 14 January 2014

Announcing The Valentine's Ninja Book Swap!

Guys I'm so excited, the Ninja Book Swap is baaaaaack! :-D The awesome Hanna and I came up with this idea in the summer of 2013 because we couldn't wait until Christmas and Secret Santa to exchange parcels of awesome bookishness with our fellow bloggers. We've now decided that this will be a three-times annually event - at valentine's, summer and Halloween. Obviously there's no pressure for you to participate in all of them, you're very welcome to join in when you want and not when you don't feel like it/can't afford it or whatever. 

The basic idea, for those who haven't done it before and a reminder for those who have, is that you will express your interest (I'll explain how in a minute) and then we will pair you up with somebody who you will then make a little parcel for, containing a book or two (these don't have to be new but should be in a condition you'd be happy to receive yourself) and a little present plus a card revealing who you are and send it off and wait for the ensuing internet squeals. Meanwhile somebody else will be doing the same for you. Sound fun? It is! 

If you'd like to join us here's what you have to: 
  • Please send us an email at ninjabookswap(at)outlook(dot)com by January 30th. 
  • In your email you need to include the following: 
    • Your name and your postal address. 
    • Your blog link and a list to your wishlist, or if you don't have a wishlist, a list of 5-10 books you'd like to read
    • A short list of your likes and dislikes so that your person can choose a little gift
    • Whether or not you're happy to send your parcel internationally
    • If you want to you can sign up to send (and receive!) two parcels, please let us know if you'd like to do this!
  • We will then send you an email with details of the person you are sending your parcel to by February 1st and will need you to have sent your parcel by February 10th. 
  • **********SUPER IMPORTANT INFORMATION*********** When sending your parcel PLEASE get a proof of postage (I'm not sure what the international equivalent is, but basically you need to be able to prove you've sent your parcel on the date you said you did just in case it doesn't turn up!). There aren't usually any problems, but it makes it easier for everyone involved just in case your parcel should go missing, to have proof of postage. Thanks!
  • Once you've sent your parcel please send us an email at ninjabookswap(at)outlook(dot)com and another once you've received your parcel. This is just so we can keep track and make sure everybody's got their goodies!
That's it! If you want to post about the event on your blogs that would be great, to help us spread the word! To keep up with what's going on and have a look at other people's parcels of loveliness, come and visit us on twitter (@ninjabookswap) and you can also use #ninjabookswap. If you'd like to post about what you get that would be great - once the parcels start arriving we'll put up a post where you can link up your posts as well. Who doesn't want to get a parcel full of lovely bookish surprises, especially on Valentine's day? Come and join us, you know you want to!


  1. Love, love, love this idea !
    Who doesn't love book post ? Have signed up and am spreading the word. Roll on Valentine's Day ;)