Wednesday 21 August 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1 - Confessions

I've been seeing this on various people's blogs, and as you may have noticed I've lost my blogging mojo a little bit lately. I'm hoping it'll return now my internet is back up and running, but just in case it doesn't it seems like this challenge might help! It was created by April of Good Books and Good Wine and is a pretty brilliant idea. There's a different topic for every day (see the button) and the topic for Day 1 is Confessions.
15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

I'm not sure that I have 15 book related confessions, but I'll do my best. Here goes!
  1. I am incredibly judgemental of those books that everybody reads (The Davinci Code, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, 50 Shades of Grey etc). I can't help it. It's not that I feel like my reading tastes are better than other people's, it's just that when you see people reading some of these books and then hear some of the things coming out of their mouths, it's really difficult not to judge. I know it makes me a terrible person, and I'm working on it. If people who don't normally read at all are reading, that's absolutely great. This is totally my issue and I need to get over it. That said, although I read the first two I mentioned (the first was kind of rubbish, the Steig Larsson series I loved), I really don't want to read 50 Shades. I borrowed it from my friend because I felt like I should find out what the hype was about, but... I have 900 books in my house I actually want to read. 
  2. I love chick lit. Seriously. Aside from the authors whose every book I pick up because I know it will make me feel happy, about every two or three months I just go round the library picking up everything with a pink/glittery cover or that has pictures of shoes or handbags or beaches on it. It's that shallow, and no, I'm not ashamed.
  3. I liked the film of The Perks of Being a Wallflower more than the book. And I'm not too worried about liking films more than books, if they're better. The ending was just lovelier. 
  4. I really love having so many unread books. I often start reorganising my shelves just so that I can sit amongst piles of books, flicking through the first few pages of things I'd forgotten I'd even bought. 'Often' is less so since I had Benji, but he loves his bookshelves too, which brings me to number 5..
  5. I have bought more books for my child than he can reasonably be expected to read. If I keep up the rate of purchase (and I somehow manage to, despite being skint and having no room) he will have to move out of his room aged about 3 as the books will have taken over. He loves them, though. He takes them off the shelves and 'reads' them (sits and turns the pages over, and hardly ever even eats them now!) and I am so proud. 
  6. I have a serious library addiction. Kent library services let us take out 30 books per card, so that's 30 for me, and 30 for Rhys (who almost never uses his card) AND 30 for a 10 month old who only ever gets three books out at a time. When we first moved I couldn't imagine who could ever need to take that many books out at a time. Now I'm getting dangerously close to the limit. I had to make myself a Library Books box to keep track of them all. 
  7. I always, always over pack on books. Even if I'm going away for two days, I'll take at least 3 books. In everyday life I always have two books, usually more. My bag is really heavy. 
  8. I love other people's bookshelves. The first thing I look for in other people's houses is their books, and my favourite kind of people are totally cool with me being ridiculously nosy!
  9. Considering I read so much, I'm stupidly incapable of remembering anything about anything. I often totally blank when asked what I'm currently reading, or even what my favourite book is. Then I feel like a moron. Argh. 
  10. I dog ear books, really badly. And there is no reason for this because...
  11. I have a huge collection of bookmarks :-/
  12. I borrow books from family and keep them for months. In my defence, I never do this with friends, or with books somebody really loves. In these cases I make sure to read the book straight away and return it, but I have a couple of books I borrowed from my mum two years ago and still haven't go around to. She usually just buys me my own copy of stuff she thinks I'd like when she finds it in the charity shop now!
That's about it I think! There's much more judgement in there than I'd like, but such is life I guess, and in reality, I'm a much more judgemental person than I'd like to be, so it's just a reflection of reality! 


  1. great confessions! I share a few of them and LOVED #5.

    I don't know how many books I can check out at once but my son had to be able to write his name before he could get his own card. Poor child is 24 and has the same card. Good thing his writing has gotten better.

  2. You get to take out 30 books at a time?! I'm allowed 9, which I thought was LOADS, but now I'm like 'but I waaaaaant 30 books!' This is probably a bad side of me that should not be nurtured.

    ALSO- I have sooooo many bookmarks but always seem to just use whatever is laying nearest to me as one. I AM NOT PROUD OF THIS.

  3. Great confessions, I was nodding my head along with most of them.
    I feel no guilt about having hundreds of unread books either, at least I will never be short of reading material!