Saturday 18 May 2013

Bout of Books Friday


Rhys was off work, so I anticipated getting lots of reading done. When will I learn not to anticipate things? Firstly, we had to take the car to the garage to get new tyres and I wanted to go with to have a wander around the charity shops while we waited (also so Rhys didn't have to sit there by himself for hours). Then after that Rhys was feeling crap so I looked after Benji for a couple of hours so he could have a nap. We went to the library as they had a new book in for me, which was great. Then we basically spent the rest of the day mooching about and I again didn't get much reading done until after Benji was in bed and Doctor Who was over.

I did get another early birthday present from Rhys, which was amazing and book related so I shall show you what it was. My birthday isn't until June but Rhys and I are historically terrible at keeping secrets so we tend to get each other about four presents as we keep giving them to each other as soon as they arrive, so have to keep getting more so as to have something to give each other on the actual day! My first present was the Juno soundtrack, which I used to have but then lost, my second present is the most amazing thing in the world and I will take a picture sometime in the future when I remember (it's an Eddie Izzard 'Cake or Death?' t-shirt from the gig we went to the other night!), and my third present is this:

For those of you who have no idea what this is, it's a notebook with Death from The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. She is my favourite and I love her.

Pages Read:110
Books Read From: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach
Books finished: Laura's Handmade Life by Amanda Addison, The Craft Business Handbook
Blogs Visited:.....
Snacks Consumed: some of a massive (seriously, massive) tub of popcorn we got for Eurovision tonight and also half a bar of the new Cadbury's Marvellous Creations with cookie and nuts. It was actually really nice.


  1. Euroviiiiiiiision!!! I've got a stinking headache so I'm anticipating staying in bed all day (Boooo) but I feel like I HAVE to drag myself up for Eurovision! It's kind of a big deal in my house :) (I mostly just like the voting because it's SO FUNNY. And also predictable.)

    1. Last year our TV died pretty much all the way through so we saw nothing except the first couple of songs and the voting. The voting is the best bit, just because NOBODY EVER VOTES FOR US! :-p Also, we have popcorn and haribo, which is awesome.

    2. I had no idea THE EXTENT to which people don't vote for us until last night. I'd never seen it before and it was a fascinating political expose... with funny Greek people.

  2. My mum had one of those chocolate bars the other day, she said it was yummy! I didn't see ANY of the Eurovision this year, mostly because I stayed the hell upstairs. Usually I drift down about three songs and then end up sitting on the floor laughing for the next five hours, it's not good. ;)

    Hooray for Gaiman and Izzard-related gifts, woohoo!

    1. About three songs IN. Jeez, my typos are rampant today! *checks this short message once more, just to make sure*