Friday 31 May 2013

Armchair BEA: Ethics & Non-Fiction

I started to write a post on Literary Fiction yesterday, but life in the form of a small and wriggly ginger baby got in the way, so anyway, onwards!

Today's topics are Ethics and Non-Fiction, both things I have opinions about. To be fair, it would probably be easier to find something I don't have an opinion about but there we go.

The ethics part of this post is going to be short and sweet. I personally have no experience with plagiarism, but my feelings on it are don't do it. I always give credit whenever I've been inspired by anybody else (I probably link back to other people too much, but I figure it's better to do it more rather than less) - it's nice to share the love anyway. The other side of it is that if I have no inspiration I'm quite happy not to post for a few weeks rather than steal other people's ideas and content. I don't understand people who are that... I don't know. Lazy? Pressured? that they have to steal other people's content. I know from personal experience that often when I do actually get a post written, it constitutes several hours of work and I wouldn't appreciate people stealing chunks of it. Give credit where credit is due, and if you can't be original maybe think again about keeping a blog.

That is all.

Now, non-fiction! I'm pretty excited bout this genre at the moment. The last year or so has been big for me in terms of non-fiction reading. I'm going to give a couple of my favourites and a few that I'm particularly excited about from my TBR.

So this year my favourites have been :

Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti - If you missed how much I loved this book you can check out my review/rant here. I loved it so much I even did a giveaway and that's a big deal as I'm on that part of maternity leave I don't get paid for now...

Wild by Cheryl Strayed - This is a memoir but pretty much the most frikking awesome thing I've read in a long long time. I want to read everything else Strayed has written and I finished the book totally inspired.

I cannot BELIEVE I missed out Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I loved this book so much I couldn't even write a review of it although I tried several times. If you care at all about food sustainability or local produce, you must read it.

And here, in no particular order of preference, is a stack of books from my non-fiction shelf that I have yet to read:

These are picked purely because Bossypants and Books,Baguettes and Bedbugs have both been recommended to me numerous times by other bloggers, and because I love and adore Nora Ephron and Bill Bryson. Just to put it in perspective, there are about 30 more books just on my non-fiction shelves that I haven't read yet.
However, I still want more recommendations! What are you favourites? :-) 


  1. I love Bill Bryson's books too.

  2. I really, really, really want to read Full Frontal Feminism and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Great picks :)

  3. Ah the Bill Bryson book is great. If you like it, then you might also like HOME - The story of everyone who lived in our house by Julie Myerson

  4. Bossypants is hilarious ;) Why Have Kids? by Jessica Valenti is a great one too!

  5. I think my to-read list of non-fiction books on GoodReads is as long as my fiction list. So many great books that both educate and entertain.

  6. I cannot wait to read Bossypants at some point! And while I haven't read that Bill Bryson book pictured, I did read The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. That book wasn't my favorite, but I did like his writing style and will give him another chance sometime down the road.

  7. Not much else to be said about the topic. Credit man...just give it!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  8. I'm looking forward to the new 'Celebrations' from Mennonite Girls can Cook !

    and I appreciate your ethics views and actions too ;)

  9. Full Frontal Feminism sounds like a great read! A book that I'm guess is very similar is How To be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, which I adored :)

  10. I loved Wild so much. Her struggle just spoke to me in this deep way, even though my life is way, way different. Yay, nonfiction!