Sunday 13 January 2013

Showcase Sunday - Being a Baby gets you loads of stuff...

This week I decided I should start doing weekly showcases of the books that have come into the house, so that I can easily keep track of where our books come from. I swear sometimes they just appear without me even having any clue how they got there! Obviously, because I decided to do this, the week then went ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Admittedly, most of these are Benjamin's books, not mine, but to be honest I love these kinds of posts and we have been ridiculously lucky this week, so if you're bored by posts with lots of pictures and lists of books, stop reading now. You have been warned....

This weekend we went to see some family, and Rhys' dad's friend gave us a box of children's books she'd been saving for Benji from the charity shop where she works. I expected there to be a few, but I didn't expect this:

Apologies for the horrendous photography, but just for information purposes, there are 31 children's books in this photo. Loads of board books, pop up books, books to teach him about counting and the alphabet, picture books. It literally goes on and on. It was the best box I've opened since the box of awesome Hanna sent us when he was born! Horrendously, though, I just inputted all the books into my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet for books, I'm a huge geek, I know) and then hit 'no' to the do you want to save this option. So now I have to do it all again, because I am crazy. I'm not going to list what's in this picture, because I think even I would get bored. Also, I have no point of reference, because of the deleting them from the spreadsheet malarky...

Also waiting when we got back from our weekend at my parents' were three parcels from Amazon. As previously mentioned, Hanna got Benji a voucher for Christmas, which I spent, and there was also a present from Laura for us both waiting. This is what was in the parcels: 

With Hanna's voucher I bought:
  • Superbabe by Deborah van der Beek because it is the most awesome and difficult to find children's book EVER. He needed it. 
  • The Nursery Collection by Shirley Hughes 
  • Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas
  • All in One Piece by Jill Murphy because we love the Large family. 
Whatever Next! also by Jill Murphy (for those who know their Jill Murphy, it's the one where the bear goes to the moon wearing a colander on his head!), and also a copy of I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron (for me!) were from Laura and Benjamin and I just want to say that we love you both!

Lastly, Rhys and I had a day off from baby raising on Saturday and went to watch Les Miserables in the cinema (I am a massive fan of the stage show and just in case anyone's wondering if the film's good, it is!), and we had a wander around some charity shops while waiting. I spent a grand total of £4.50 and here's what I got:

  • The Alfie Treasury by Shirley Hughes was the one that set me back the most (a whole £2.50!), but I had to have it because it's in lovely condition and I have a serious fondness for the Alfie books. 
  • The Bravest Ever Bear by Alan Ahlberg because I love Alan Ahlberg and it was 49p...
  • The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson because ever since Laura sent us The Gruffalo before Benji was born it's felt wrong that we don't have this. And also, it was 49p too!
  • Slinky Malinky by Lynley Dodd because Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy is pretty much the best children's book ever and this is pretty epic too. Also, 99p isn't bad for a board book in near perfect condition!
Also this week, Rhys' dad sent me a copy of Good Omens and one of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that somebody had given him. Terribly, and despite being a gigantic fan of both Gaiman and Pratchett, I haven't yet managed to finish Good Omens. My copy went awol half way through so I never finished, so here's my opportunity! 

The last thing I want to showcase is my brand new shiny copy of Stitch N Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debbie Stoller. When I made my resolution about my book buying ban, this was the one book I was allowed to buy for myself this year, and pretty much a day later it was on eBay for £2. So, now I have it and while that may not seem exciting to some of you I assure you that it is, because it means that I can now learn how to do really pretty stuff and even write my own patterns!

It's been a ridiculously good week here. There may in fact never be a week as good in terms of book acquisition again. 

How's your week been?


  1. You *could* try reading I Remember Nothing to Benjamin, but... I'm not sure he's ready for Ephron! I feel preeeeetty smug that you didn't already have Whatever Next yet, cause I was a teeny bit worried about that. But it's SO GOOD that I think every home can do with two! :)

    ALSO ZOMG all the books! This post is SO bad for me, cause of my own book buying ban (let's see, we're 13 days into it? Oh, only about a MILLION days to go *crumples into a sad heap*) and yet I still totally enjoyed it, obviously! I especially applaud your acquisition of The Gruffalo's Child, cause it's really good! (I have a copy of it for some reason, but no copy of The Gruffalo! It's weird).

    Aaaaand, I'm so glad everyone is saying Les Mis is good! I'm going to see it on Wednesday, and I've never seen the show, or read the book, so it's my first time! I'm super nervous! (I mean, excited! Super excited. I got mixed up with something else there. Sorry.)

    1. How have you never seen the show? You must see it!! We should totally go and see it, I'm dragging you. Unless you hate the film, obviously, then I will just make upset noises in your general direction...

      The thing I'm most excited about in this post is how out of 44 books that came into our house this week, I'm only responsible for five. Well proud :-p

    2. LAURA ROWSELL I SAW THAT. Behave yourself! I'm on this buying ban too and DAMMIT if I'm not going to take my role as sponsor seriously and drag you along with me to the bitter end!
      Haha, I'm so good at pep talks... :D

    3. Also, I felt a LITTLE bit like Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind as I was writing that, which was... weird.

    4. Laura, I second Bex! Les Mis is AMAZING, book and stage show. I haven't seen the film yet, but I can't wait.

  2. This is a proper post of awesome. ALL THE KIND PEOPLE and ALL THE NOSTALGIC BOOKS. I see The Gruffalo's Child and Noddy and Bob and Jill Murphy and Shirley Hughes and Ten Tiny Tadpoles and think YES. (I have a bit of a thing for reading children's books at the shop and having a Moment.)

    Then I see mention of Good Omens and Nora Ephron and my NOT-inner-six-year-old gets all excited. Ohhh, happy reading, both of you. :D

  3. OH MY GOD, WHATEVER NEXT! I'd forgotten that book EXISTED. I used to love it. Bless Laura and her super finding of books!

    I can't wait to see Les Mis. I was literally introduced to the stage show when I was five years old and my parents found it hilarious when I sang the rude parts of Master of the House in the middle of York one day... I love the book too :)

    I didn't know you never finished Good Omens or I'd have bashed you over the head with a copy until you did! Uhh, by which I mean I would have politely suggested it to you... clearly my Criminal prep work for tomorrow has made me violent :s

    Anyway. It's good. Read it :)