Friday 14 September 2012

BBAW The Last Day!

Today is the last day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I am so glad I discovered it! The final prompt is to think about what our favourite part of the week was and what we have gained from it. Personally I feel like I've gained a lot from it, in the way that I always feel much more positive after participating in something that involves me reaching out to discover new blogs, talk to new people and think about things in a different way.

I think my favourite thing about this week is probably the topic for Day 1, where everybody shared their favourite blogs and I got to find a load of new ones! I recently had a huge cull of my Google Reader as a lot was piling up on there that I never really read and by bloggers I didn't necessarily have much in common with. It was good because it made me feel organised and stuff but at the same time I felt a little bit bereft, so this week has enabled me to discover some great new bloggers who read the same kinds of things as me or who just have brilliantly written blogs :-)

I also really enjoyed reading people's posts on what blogging means to them, especially people whose blogs I love and am slightly in awe of. It was really nice to know that a lot of book bloggers feel the same way about the blogging community as I do. It made me feel less of an over-emotional geek!

Mostly from this week I think it's just been reinforced to me how lovely the book blogging community is. I've had some really sweet comments from people I knew previously and people I'd never met before and I feel a whole lot better about possibly having to disappear for a while after the baby is born. Like so many people have said to me this week,the book blogging community will still be here when I get back!


  1. Again I found book bloggers I had lost in BBAW 2012!

    BBAW: Highlight

  2. "I think it's just been reinforced to me how lovely the book blogging community is." -Agreed! The book blogging community has had its share of drama and conflict over this past year. BBAW really put a positive note back into this community. I was glad to participate again this year (even though I did miss the awards... I might be one of the few who did! Lol)

    1. I agree on that one too! (The quote) I "met" some new people and reacquainted with some old ones. Loved it.

  3. I liked day 1 too cause you said nice things about me! :D But it's been fun reading everyone's posts, and I may have to take part next year methinks!

  4. I'm glad you had a good week -- me, too. It really was a good reminder of how lovely this community is.

  5. It's been such a good week! I am glad I was able to be a part of it. Like you, I found so many new blogs to visit and follow. My book blogging spirit has certainly been renewed. :-)

  6. It's all about the community.

    I found so many great blogs and more wonderful books. This was my first time participating.

    I got to know new bloggers and got to know my old blogger friends even better.

    It is has been a fabulous week. I loved it all.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my Day 3, 4, and 5 responses if you like.

    Silver's Reviews

  7. Hope you'll get reading time in after the baby, even if not much blogging happens for a while! It was nice to meet you through BBAW.

  8. This was such a fun week of blogging. I'm so excited to have discovered so many new (to me) blogs.

  9. I think it's just been reinforced to me how lovely the book blogging community is.

    I agree completely. Reading these end of week posts has made me a little teary,tbh! Thanks so much for participating in BBAW!