Wednesday 1 August 2012

Telling Tales Challenge August Link Up!

More than half way through now, and reading seems to be slowing down a bit over the summer! Hope you're all having great holidays and enjoying the sun, if you're getting any! I'm off to Devon for a week in between watching Olympic events, so hopefully I'll get to do some reading for the challenge, but we'll see!

Please make sure that you are linking up all of your reviews in the appropriate month, even if you are putting all your reviews on the same post for the challenge. I don't have time to go through everybody's blogs checking for reviews, and I really want to make sure I've added all of the reviews to the master list!

If you want to talk about the challenge on Twitter you can do so using #TTChallenge :-) For some reason Mister Linky is playing up, so please leave links to your review in the comments and I will add it to the list!

Happy reading! :-)


  1. I've added Sleeping Handsome (Jean Haus) and The Robe of Skulls (Vivian French) to my list of books. All book comments are included on a single page:

    I didn't realize you were doing a master list or I would've been a bit more diligent in updating. Sorry!


  2. Yes, I am having a little extra fun with this particular challenge.

    Also adding "Princess of the Midnight Ball" to my list of finished books; same URL as listed above.