Sunday 3 June 2012

RAK Sign up for June

I am somewhat absent from the world of blogging at the moment, but very much still present in the world of reading. There are very few things that make me feel better than giving and receiving books, and to be honest I could do with feeling better at the moment, so I plan to send out at least two RAK books this month, maybe more depending on finances. 

If you don't know about RAK, where have you been?! It's monthly book giving wonderfulness hosted by the awesome girls at Booksoulmates. The details and sign ups are here. The idea is that you sign up for the months you want to participate with your wishlist, and then you send other people books from their wishlist and hopefully people also send you books from yours!

I haven't sent or received any for a couple of months, purely due to baby and life events happening, but this month I am back, and it's my birthday on June 20th, so that always makes me extra keen to give presents!! 

My wishlist is here, in case people are interested. Happy RAKing! :-)

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