Tuesday 22 May 2012

Books for Baby #2

This feature may be more regular than I'd originally planned, as my old primary school had their May fair this past weekend, so I may have done a little baby book shopping... :-/ It's difficult to resist when they're under £1! Also, my parents are moving house and so we spent the weekend going through all the books my siblings and I had as children. This is just the first mini installment. There will be more!

Just as a kind of by-the-way, we had the 20 week scan today, and all is well. Also, baby was being very modest, but they're fairly sure it's a boy! :-)

Here's what I got:

  • Winnie the Pooh: The Complete Collection of Stories and Poems by A.A Milne - on 'loan' from my little sister (aged almost 17 :-p), who wants it back once the baby outgrows it. I don't blame her really, it's gorgeous and illustrated and has pretty much everything Hundred Acre Wood related in it. 
  • Old Bear Stories by Jane Hissey - I had entirely forgotten about Old Bear until my other sister found this under a pile of books we were rummaging through at the fair. There used to be a TV series as well. Brilliant.
  • In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak - when I heard about his death a little while back, it was another one of those situations where I suddenly realised that he had written a huge amount more than just Where the Wild Things Are, which is what I knew him for, so I managed to get hold of this on Readitswapit. Reading it, I realised that I have actually read it before, and it's incredibly weird, but in a good way, I think...
  • In Wibbly's Garden by Mick Inkpen - WIBBLY PIG!! that is all. 
  • Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins - a board book my mum found in amongst her piles of sheet music. Also the only book I currently posses which is actually suitable for a small baby. 
See what I got for baby last time here.

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  1. Congratulations, Bex! I hope you're doing better and BabyBoy is behaving :) I'm sure he'll love those wonderful books.