Friday 20 April 2012

Why I'm not Reviewing...

Ok so the title of this makes it seem like I have some kind of great reason for it. I don't. All through my childhood my mother was pretty much pregnant or looking after small children (I'm not exagerating, I'm the eldest of seven and except for the very youngest, there's a maximum of 2 years between any of us), so I'm pretty used to being woken up at all hours by small person screaming, but I never realised until now how entirely exhausting being pregnant is. By the time I've gone to work, stood up for most of the day, run up and down four flights of stairs several times, come home, attempted to make some kind of food, felt guilty because said food is not nutritionally balanced for the baby, and possibly done some laundry or washing up, I'm out of energy. And that's without all this prenatal yoga I'm attempting in some kind of last ditch attempt to be vaguely active. 

So anyway the lack of reviews is pretty much due to total lack of energy, but apart from that I have been reading! I'm having a bit of an Anne Tyler marathon at the moment... I pulled Back When We Were Grownups off my shelf to read for the 50 States Challenge, and then once I finished it I just didn't really feel like anything else, so I started on The Accidental Tourist and I'm really enjoying it so far. I think Tyler's style is exactly what I need at the moment - she writes about fairly domestic situations and fairly normal people and generally reminds me a little of Jodi Picoult (whom I love), but without the emphasis on current issues. This is great because it means that I am reading enough for it to relax me and take my mind off the million and one things that I am stressing about, and that I am interested enough so my mind stays engaged with what I am reading. I think I nmight just keep going with Tyler and see where I get to. I have at least one more book on the shelves I've not yet read, and they are usually pretty available in charity shops so I might go for a browse during my lunch break at work tomorrow...
I will eventually get to reviewing Back When We Were Grownups, because I feel it probably deserves a review, but obviously given the title of this post, it may not be any time soon :-/


  1. I think that maybe your body is telling you to slow down before the baby's first year! So, don't try to fight it :)

  2. Man! Your post made me tired and I'm not even pregnant!

    Yup. Rest up now. That lil angel won't let you get much rest soon enough!


  3. We all TOTALLY understand! The best part is that you're still enjoying reading while your body is supporting the growth and development of a wee one. Wishing you the best ~
    Beth :-)

  4. Thanks for the support everyone!:-)

  5. Hi Bex! I don't see a readathon update post, but I know you were hoping to read today. Very best wishes to you! If you're reading, keep going!! If not, feel better. Cheers!! xx

  6. Hey Jillian,
    Thanks! I had to work today so I've only just managed to join in! One of these days I will actually do this thing properly, I swear! :-p xx