Saturday 17 March 2012

Mini Hiatus Type Stuff

Hello people, I just thought I'd post a warning for once rather than just disappearing. I have a huge week coming up in my personal life, and we're anticipating that it's going to be really difficult and stressful, therefore I probably won't be around too much for the next week or two. I will still be reading, and it may work out that blogging and stuff will actually help me destress - I hope so, but just in case it doesn't I thought I'd just say so that nobody wonders where I am!

Have a great couple of weeks!


  1. Good Luck, Bex.

    Life can kinda sneak up on us and give us a good ole kick in the pants! I hope the next few weeks won't be too stressful.

    Every Good Wish on this St. Patrick's Day!


  2. Good luck -- I hope you find some time for yourself amidst all that stress!