Sunday 26 February 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday...

This week has been very weird. I've spent the past few nights not sleeping well because of some health issues which have (finally) been resolved today after a twenty hour wait for a call back from NHS direct, so I'm feeling lots more relaxed this evening and hopefully ready to dive back into the blog in the coming week. Although things will still probably be a bit quiet for a while due to the thing I'm can't mention, I do hope to be around  a bit more than I have been! As the hubby is watching football (groan), I thought I'd take the chance to write one of those rambling 'here's what I haven't achieved this month' type posts.

I signed up for the Year of Reading Shakespeare pretty much purely because I wanted to read Macbeth. Despite years and years of studying Shakespeare, I've somehow never managed to get around to this, and I really really want to. I have a giant adoration of Shakespearean tragedy - I used to quote Hamlet at people randomly and was pretty addicted to the Kenneth Branagh film for a while - but despite that and the fact that February has actually been a pretty good reading month for me, I've still not read it! In fairness, I blame Louisa Alcott, because after reading The Woman Behind Little Women, what else was I supposed to do but re-read Little Women? Of course that inevitably leads to a re-read of all four books (I'm currently at the beginning of Good Wives and can never stop until I finish Jo's Boys) but I refuse to feel bad about the disruption to my February schedule, because Louisa Alcott is great, and Little Women is even more so.

I've read some brilliant books in February, and despite my deviations I've still got a fair amount of challenge reading done, now I just need to get some reviews written! I'm not 100% sure on when that will happen as I'm participating in Adam's Magical March event and have some pretty big titles lined up for that, but I will do my best - I hate getting this behind! The books I've read this month are; Kick-Ass, Fables Vol 3: Storybook Love (for the Graphic Novels Challenge), A Wedding in December, Bleeding Kansas (for the 50 States Challenge), The Magician's Nephew (for the Narnia Reading Project), Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, Little Women (for my Year of Reading Louisa May Alcott) and The Year of the Flood because Margaret Atwood is great.

So not a bad reading month, terrible reviewing month, but on the plus side I did just make cherry and dark chocolate muffins and raspberry jelly as well as starting on roast dinner. Then we're going to watch the '70s film of Jesus Christ, Superstar! because my siblings are doing a youth performance of it and I've had the music in my head all week. Hopefully watching it will exorcise it from my head! 

Hope you're all having a brilliant Sunday!


  1. I adored Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women when I read it. And I'm planning to reread Little Women next month, alongside the two sequels (Little Men & Jo's Boys.)

    Forgive me if I've already pointed out this blog to you (I can't remember), but if you love Alcott, you should check out this play by my friend Susan -

  2. play = blog (I have no idea why I wrote play.) ;)

  3. Unfortunately, I never got around finishing Little Women, but I'm planning to sometime this year.

    I reallt want to read Kick-Ass. I looks like fun.

  4. Jillian - you have already told me about it and I'm very grateful because that's where I originally found out about The Woman Behind Little Women! :-) Also, it increases my TBR pretty much every time I go over there!

    StoryLover- Kick Ass is great! Actually, both the book and the film are, but they are quite different in lots of ways.

  5. Don't stress about getting behind in your reading - I hate when I over-book myself but, ultimately, reading is supposed to be enjoyable and enlightening... so leave the anxiety at the door and enjoy whatever you do have time for. :D

  6. Haha. Just realized I said over-BOOK myself. Too funny.