Friday 15 April 2011

Autism Awareness Giveaway Winner! (and another apology)

I know I promised to post more this week, but on Tuesday I woke up with my face totally swollen up, and as a result of that I'm now on antibiotics which are making me feel beyond awful, so the whole having to leave the house to get to the library in order to post isn't really the most appealing thing in the world at the moment. I'm sorry, I will return soon!! Having said that, I just got a full time job (wooo but also terrifying!) and so until my first paycheque creates the ability to afford home internet, I'll only be able to post one day a week. Please bear with me, I promise I'll get back on track with the posts soon, I'm missing blogging lots!

Aaaanyway, what this post is really about is announcing the winner of the Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop!
The winner of my giveaway of House Rules by Jodi Picoult is......*drumroll*

I have emailed her, and she has until Sunday evening to get back to me with her details. If she doesn't, a new winner will be drawn. Congratulations!
I just want to say thankyou to all my new followers for taking the time to have a look around the blog, and thanks to all the old ones for putting up with my absenteeism! April's Fairytale Feature will be up soon - I've done all the reading, now I just have to find the energy to write it! I'm off to pick up the last installment of Noel Streatfeild's autobiography and struggle home to read it!

Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. I have emailed you re RAK :) I am also your newest follower and well done to Megan on winning