Tuesday 8 March 2011

Drama Challenge & Random Acts of Kindness

In the interests of the continual broadening of my literary horizons (for what reason, I don't know, but there we go!) I've decided I should read more drama. It helps that my wonderful fiance works in a theatre, so we tend to get free tickets to thing... Anyway! Trying to find somewhere to start, I stumbled on the list of Tony Award Winners. So as not to overwhelm myself, (and my already 70 strong challenge reading list!)I've decided to start by picking just one winner from every decade between 1948 and 2011, so my reading list will be as follows:

  • Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller (1948)
  • The Cocktail Party - T.S. Eliot (1950)
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - Tom Stoppard (1968)
  • Borstal Boy - Frank McMahon (1970)
  • Children of a Lesser God - Mark Medoff (1980)
  • Dancing at Lughnasa - Brian Friel (1992)
  • Proof - David Auburn (2001)
Once I've read them all, I'll go back and read more. I'm also going to try to see as many of them as possible, which will be interesting, as I'm totally broke. But I have a nice smile, a charming fiance, and the ability to find cheap deals on the internet! Wish me luck!
Full list of winners is here.

Also, I'd just like to mention an awesome thing I've come across recently:
Random Acts of Kindness hosted by Booksoulmates is amazing. Basically you just sign up your book wishlist, and then can access the wishlists of everyone else who's signed up and can gift people books, and people will hopefully do the same for you! I really really love this idea, and have already gifted a book, and managed to not even break my buying ban!


  1. Excellent. The great thing about drama is that it's usually shorter than most novels. But seeing them is the clincher - MUST see it on stage.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Really hope i'll get to see lots of them. I really love theatre :-)