Wednesday 3 November 2010

My need for a sugar thermometer..

Everybody says I don't need a sugar thermometer. I really feel that this is untrue. I am currently extremely poor, and about to move, and therefore become even poorer, as I will be working lots and lots less hours, at least to begin with. Therefore, in order to be able to feed myself, and make lovely (and really quite cheap) presents for my disgustingly large family and friendship group, a sugar thermometer really is a necessity. I would like to point out, just as a kind of 'by the way', that I will not be feeding myself solely on fudge, barley sugar etc, but it would be nice to have the option to open a sweetshop if I were to get bored :p
What is more likely, is that I will go totally insane the day I get the sugar thermometer, and make tonnes and tonnes of sweets, which will then have to be posted back to my family, as otherwise I will actually become the 20stone woman, and then after that, it will sit in a cupboard, being mostly unused for most of the year, probably until it gets to Christmas time, and I start having pangs of guilt about the sugar thermometer I told everyone I really really needed and went on and on and on about until they were so sick of me that they gave me one, just to shut me up, and which I have never used since the day that I got it.

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